Just like Masterchef

You know what you want, and you have one goal: To be the best you can be.

You give it your all to create the perfect dish, a masterpiece to conquer the hearts of your customers. But the recipe can be complex: the composition of the ingredients, the correct measurements, the technique, the right timing, and last but not least, the presentation. The combination can become everything you ever dreamed of or maybe nothing at all. It’s about perfecting the recipe and topping it up with the perfect sauce that creates a dish that will be remembered and touch the hearts of others.

You are the star, you are the Masterchef. I believe you are here to do what you do best and your product/service is here to contribute to other people’s lives. I am your guide through the complex world of digital advertising. I will be your advisor and will be ready to embark on this exciting journey with you to grow your business online.

I believe that everyone has the power to create value and contribute to the lives of others.

Let’s get ready to make an impact!

About Me

What can you expect when working with me?

  • A committed, enthusiastic and problem-solving marketing partner
  • 10+ years specialist in Social Media Advertising such as META (Facebook & Instagram)      (FB Blueprint Certified), LinkedIN, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter
  • 15+ years experience as a digital advertising consultant (YouTube advertising, SEA/SEO, E-mail, Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Optimisation 
  • Tailor-made solutions that suit the needs of your company to compete within your industry
  • Campaign setup and optimization using an iterative process of data-driven learning and improving
  • Focus on setting up a sustainable way of developing online marketing skills within marketeers and developing workflows


Counting Down to 2020 with KLM and getting ready to change people’s lives with your online content

5 minute read KLM is a brand I have admired all my life. I have been traveling with KLM since I was 4-5 years old, as it was one of the two airline connections between Suriname and the Netherlands. I remember traveling alone with my mother, little brother, and my granny and being spoiled by …

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