Counting Down to 2020 with KLM and getting ready to change people’s lives with your online content

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KLM is a brand I have admired all my life. I have been traveling with KLM since I was 4-5 years old, as it was one of the two airline connections between Suriname and the Netherlands. I remember traveling alone with my mother, little brother, and my granny and being spoiled by the flight attendants who made sure we always had some nice toys and pencils to color with. They did their best to make sure my mom’s flight was easy too. Flying with KLM is always a happy experience because you know that at the end of the journey your loved ones are usually waiting on the other side of the baggage claim ready to give you a big warm hug and a lot of love.

This is especially the case in December when many people fly back to celebrate the holidays with their family and with the greatest festivities of the year. Traveling between Suriname and the Netherlands, flights are usually fully booked, especially in December ticket prices are extremely high averaging around €1.200 – €1.400 for a two-way economy class seat. I often wondered, what would be the cheapest ticket during the December period for this flight is on Christmas day or on New Year’s eve.

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Ever wonder how it is to fly on New Year’s Eve? KLM’s Behind The Scenes Blog is giving us the scoop on how they celebrate the new year onboard their flights: What New Year’s Eve on board looks like. I love this story because it not only shows us the character of the airline but it also gives us a preview of what to expect from their friendly service which they deliver. And yes they do deliver! When my husband and I flew back with KLM as newly engaged, we were spoiled like first-class passengers which champagne, fancy cutlery, and mouth-watering desserts. Even the passenger sitting next to us was included in the celebration, so she wouldn’t feel left out. We really felt special thanks to the wonderful cabin crew.

Why do I think that KLM is awesome and rocks their online presence?

The key is to connect with your audience, to be of added value. Even though most of us are not flying on a daily basis the brand still manages to keep us engaged with the experience, because we are often dreaming about our next destination for holidays or business. What I observe as a consumer, but also as an online marketer is that they have found their own unique formula to keep us entertained, inspired and informed by their service on a daily basis. The brand usually makes me smile! Even though it is a business that has to make revenue and has to grow their sales, they also understand that investing in relationships with their audience will ultimately lead to sales. Consumers usually award the brands they love and brands that have what we call in Dutch: gunfactor. We are more likely to spend our hard-earned money on brands we like.

Five-steps guide to creating instant online value for your audience

  1. Know your audience. It’s all about servicing and adding value to your audience. Your audience is built out of regular people like you and me who just go about their daily life. Can you imagine what their problems, needs, wishes, and goals are? What is the special moment that they are experiencing? What are their values? What do they care about? What do they need?
  2. Know yourself. It’s good to focus on your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses, but more importantly, what can you bring to the table. What is your added value, what do you want to contribute to people’s lives? How can you help others to solve their problems, fulfill their needs, wishes and help them to achieve their goals? Why is that important to you and your brand? How do you want your audience to feel when they interact with your brand?
  3. It’s all about match-making. Online content works as a match-maker between you and your audience. Are you able to grab the attention of your audience and awaken interest? Can you match the needs of your audience with information, products, and services that you offer? Can you awaken a spark of enthusiasm with your message? First experiences make lasting impressions!
  4. It’s about the right timing. Relevancy is key, so it’s all about the right message at the right time to the right audience. Those awkward silences you recognize from a terrible stand-up comedy performance? That’s exactly what you want to avoid. It takes some time to learn what message is received best by your audience, by putting the points above together and combine it with a moment in the user’s journey. It could be a special Holiday, an event, or even the time of the day. A little imagination and a calendar will bring you a long way. Check out the resources page, where I share some nice FREE online resources you can use to plan your 2020.
  5. People just wanna have fun. Keep it easy and breezy. There is a lot that pisses people off nowadays. Maybe that it would work for some people or organizations that want their audience to feel that way. My advice is to keep it positive and focus on giving back a happy and positive experience. You want your audience to associate your company with good vibes because good vibes will keep them coming back to you. Feel free to experiment and have fun in the process.

Are you excited to try this out in the near future? Do you like this content? Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help to guide you to set this up for your own company. I got you. Together we are going to create value in 2020! Cheers!

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