Back to basics

1 minute read

Back in 2015 when I first started out in online advertising as an intern at one of the first online advertising companies in the Netherlands, I was inspired by my mentor. What is the work that we do? What does it mean?

Our mission is to help internet users to find the information, products and services that they desire by connecting them to the advertisers that offer these products and services. Our aim is to create a win-win situation for everyone. The better the match between audience, ad message and advertiser, the higher the conversion and the better the rewards. We are the matchmakers of the digital age.

When you have seen the recent Netflix documentary “The Great Hack”, we see that with this business comes great responsibility that is not to be taken lightly, especially today, 15 years later where large tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon have great power because of the user data they have accumulated over the years. The use of online targeting has been used with unethical intentions that create larger divides between communities. User data has become the highest valued currency in today’s economy and the people are just a commodity.

Although we can not turn away from the challenges of digital marketing, I am still positive and hopeful that we can create a safe, positive and inspiring environment for everyone. It all starts with the right intention and being mindful of the added value we are giving back to our community. It comforts me to see that today’s tech giants such as Google and Facebook keep on investing to keep the platforms safe. I still believe that we all have the power and our place to create win-win situations that improve each other’s lives.

As an online marketing professional, I help businesses to connect with their target audience in a way that adds value to all parties involved. I create solutions tailored to my clients’ needs in the form of consultancy, execution, but also in-house training and setting up workflows that integrate with the current day-to-day business. My key objective is to help companies grow by using digital marketing technology to create value.